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For maximum benefit, we will be asking for small indie teams (2-5 participants) to attend as a group, with either a game design in mind or live or ready to launch.

If you don't have a team or a game yet, you can still attend!  We'll have seating for those who just want to attend and learn about the Z-Factor Visioneering method. Please RSVP via  our event page.
Apply Here!
Thanks for your interest in joining! Please share with us the first and last name of your team members. Please note duplicate applications may result in disqualification, so please coordinate appropriate!

What's your first name? *

Please share with us the role of each of your team members (please designate last name + team role.) *

Please share with us the current occupation of each of your team members (please designate last name + occupation.) *

What's is your studio or team name, {{answer_23224388}}? *note, don't have a name yet? That's fine! Pick one or respond "n/a". *

What's is the name of your game? *note, don't have a name yet? That's fine! Pick one or respond "n/a". *

Please provide a reliable email address so that we can notify you when you have been accepted. *

Please choose the most frequently checked email address and keep an eye on spam folders! We will be getting back to you within the next week!
What is a reliable telephone number? *

We'll use this to contact your team point of contact in the event we need resolve any logistical issues!
How would you rate your knowledge of game development?

And what's your primary goals with this game project?

Do you currently have the resources to produce this game as your team and situation stands at this time?

If not, please let us know what resources are missing in "other" selection."

Which Platforms or Distribution Channels do you plan to publish to? *if multiple, please select more than one.* If you have a specific channel that you don't see listed, please include those in "other".

How far along would you say you are in the game development process for this specific project? *Note, if initial ideation is 1 thumb up, kicking off design and programming is 5 thumbs up, and on the cusp of launching is 10 thumbs up, rate yourself loosely on this scale. There is no right or wrong answer, use your best judgement!

Would you be willing to participate in a quarterly (every three month) email/phone survey to track progress and provide feedback for us to better tailor workshops to our Austin Indie Dev's needs? *

This is very important! It'll let us help you stay on track and let us know how well the workshop prepared you for your game development project.
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